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Mei Gray [userpic]


September 22nd, 2007 (07:20 pm)

current mood: horny
current song: "Riders on the Storm" - The Doors

He always gets to be the dominant one. Why can't I ever be the one spanking his ass?

I guess it's because he's the one with the power. Whenever I try to dominate him, he uses his powers to stop me. I got close once, but ... eh ... that was only because he let me.

I guess I shouldn't be complaining. The sex is tremendous. He's a rough lover, but I really do love it. I just wonder what it'd be like to be on the other end of things. They say don't try to fix something if it ain't broken, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.
I decided to play with my camera some more today. I haven't given him the last photo I took. I want to take a whole bunch and give them to him at once. I know he'll love it. I'm so beautiful. I need to get some pictures of him, though. We just haven't had time.

My breast may be small, but they're nice, aren't they? The best. No woman can compare with me and Sylar knows that. That's why when the world is our's, I'll be his queen and no one else.

Really, it should be a crime to be as hot as I am.

Mei Gray [userpic]

vegas, baby!

September 16th, 2007 (02:06 am)

current mood: excited
current song: "He Can Only Hold Her" - Amy Winehouse

In the files, Sylar found a picture of the woman who hit him with a parking meter in Kirby Plaza.


Her name is Niki Sanders and she lives in Vegas with her husband and son. They all have powers .. and we're going to butcher them all. I can't wait. It's going to be beautiful. They don't deserve what they have. She's a stripper and her husband's an ex-con. Pathetic. Of course, the son hasn't done anything ... but it'd be a shame to leave him an orphan.

I love Vegas. I can't wait to go. The city is full of vice. I'll fit right in.

Mei Gray [userpic]


September 13th, 2007 (12:28 am)

current mood: confused
current song: "Gimme More" - Britney Spears

People say I'm insane all the time, but I usually brush it off. Yet, at times, I do wonder if there might be some truth to their claims. Like, today I woke up and should have been on cloud nine after my victory last night ... but all I felt was anger.

I wanted to hurt someone. Anyone. Even him.
I was practically looking for an excuse to get in a fight with him. I told him I couldn't read and I didn't like the way he responded. In hindsight, it wasn't so bad .. He merely stated some clues that he should have noticed earlier, but having those situations pointed out to me hurt at the time. Sure, he offered to help me learn to read English, but I told him to fuck himself.

Angry sex ensued and all was well, but I feel bad.

I don't want to hurt him.

I love him.

Why do I get so angry and why can't I control it?

Is it just part of being a woman, or is it something else?


I'd like to think I know my husband very well. Better than anyone else could. But, sometimes, he does things that I can't even understand. I found him sitting in the shop in the dark today. I asked him what he was doing, he said he was just listening to the clocks.

I got the feeling that it was something more, but I'm not sure what.

What is it about this place that makes him seem so different? When we were on the road, he seemed much more brutal, more like the man that held my head in front of a subway line that day we first met. But, since we've been here in the shop, I've seen another side. When he sits there working on his watch, he looks so innocent ... What was he like before he discovered what he was and what he could do? Would he have loved me back then or called me mad like everyone else? Would I have loved him or sliced him open?

He's never told me anything about his past. I don't even think Sylar is his real name.

Will he ever tell me? Or will I just continue to be a silent observer while he recollects?


I've been thinking about Petrelli's wife since I saw her.

Well, not so much about her ... but more about the baby.

She looked so at peace and content when she and her husband entered the room. They weren't openly affectionate, but I could see it in the way she'd look at him and vice-versa. He was so protective of her. I wonder what Sylar would be like if I were pregnant.

I think I'd make an awesome mother. I'm good at everything else I do, so why would that be any different? Our child would be really beautiful, too .. especially if he or she looked more like me. I just hope they'd get their daddy's height because being short sucks.


Having a baby would mean we'd have someone to leave all the power we amass to. Someone to carry on our dreams and goals. It'd also mean me getting fat, possibly getting stretch marks on my belly, and having to go through the pain of getting a watermelon-sized object out of my tiny little cooch.

And, after I have the baby, what if he loves it more than me? I've heard of men no longer wanting a woman after she has their child. Apparently they see her as the baby's mother and nothing else. I don't want him to lose interest in me.

No. I don't think I'll have a baby.

Well, maybe. He deserves an heir. Every King needs a Prince.

Kings behead wives who don't produce a male heir.


I don't know.

Mei Gray [userpic]

i told him it was a good idea.

September 11th, 2007 (10:35 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: "The Carpal Tunnel of Love" - Fall Out Boy

Today didn't go as planned. We were simply supposed to take care of the hits Bernie gave me, but a certain Mr. Bennet had to complicate things.

We had killed the first target and had some time to waste before the second. Then, that bastard Bennet pulls up out of nowhere and tries to shoot my husband! My beloved husband! Of course he failed. Trying to get the jump on my lover is almost impossible. You should have seen Bennet's face! He was shitting bricks!

Then, Sylar suggested that Claire was in the car. I went to look .. only to have a gun pressed to my head by a scientist -- Dr. Suresh. I won't lie .. I was scared. But, then an idea came to me. Bennet tried to use me to bargain with Sylar. He wanted Sylar to walk away and let them take me, and in exchange they promised to do me no harm. Of course, he resisted .. but I managed to get a message to him via a whisper telling him to let them take me.

I had a plan.

They took me back to their headquarters -- a shitty little enclosed community. They then threw me in a cell and sent in Petrelli and his wife to interrogate me. The bitch is pregnant and she just about died when I pointed it out. They asked me a lot of questions about my husband, and I simply told them that he was keeping me around as part of his plans and I was unwillingly associated with him. I think they bought it.

Then, I teleported to Petrelli's wife and grabbed her and the gun only to then teleport outside of the cell entirely. I locked Peter in and held the woman captive. I even made him say my name -- Mrs. Gray. He had been calling me Miss. Whitley and I didn't like that.

Then, I had the blonde bitch open up their file cabinent. I injected her with a sedative and shot her man with an electrode gun -- only after telling him that my husband had a bigger dick. Which he does.

Then, I took the files and hotwired a car. It was a beautiful escape, if I do say so myself.

It took me a long time to find my way back to Sylar's shop, though. When I finally did, he was impressed and overjoyed to see me.

Then we took a nap.

Mei Gray [userpic]

best birthday ever.

September 9th, 2007 (09:03 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: "A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste" - Meatloaf

He's the best husband. He got me the perfect gift. All of the troubles in my life have come from two sources --- my father and a lack of a power. I erased the first from my existence four years ago, but now my man has taken care of the latter.

I now have a power other than my ability to nullify. I can teleport. It's fantastic. I feel like I'm finally whole.

Acquiring the power was a tad odd, though. He dissected the brain for me and brought me the part that contained the power. I had to eat it. It was unlike anything I've ever tasted, though the texture was really the worst part. When I first came to America, I ate a lot of those fruit snacks called 'Gushers' .... It was kind of like that ... only with flesh and blood. I managed to keep it down and it was worth it. I'd gladly do it again and he says it gets easier each time.

I told him last night that I decided to be his wife. He was shocked, but accepting. I knew he'd be happy. We deserve each other.

Tonight I'm going to B to see if I can get him to give me some work. It's been a long time since I've killed someone. Sylar had never seen me work. I want him to. I want him to see what I'm capable of.

Mei Gray [userpic]

revenge list.

September 9th, 2007 (05:15 pm)

current mood: thoughtful
current song: "Back to Black" - Amy Winehouse

He's not home yet.

I feel useless sitting here and doing nothing .. and masturbating got boring about an hour ago.

Therefore, I'm going to make a list of all those who I need to get back at. I'm not a very organized woman and maybe this list will help me keep my thoughts in order and my goals focused.


1. Peter Petrelli
Any enemy of my love's is an enemy of mine.
I also don't like his hair.

2. Claire Bennet
I don't like cheerleaders.
Sylar could make better use of her power.
She's not worthy of having it.
Stupid cheerleader.

3. Blonde with Petrelli and Bennet
I want to kill her personally.
The bitch made me bump my head.
My beautiful head.
I'll slice her ear to ear.

4. Noah Bennet
He's against me and Sylar.
I will not let him stand in our way.

5. Huan Daiyu
Leader of my former clan.
Shadow manipulation.
She tied me to the stake.
I'll bind her before we take her brain. I'll make her feel as helpless as I did.

6. Shan Rou
Daiyu's second in command.
Ability to transform her body to diamond.
Indestructible? I think not.
Sylar will find a way to kill her. He's brilliant.

7. Song Rou
Shan's beloved daughter.
Plant control.
Absolutely perfect in the eyes of the clan.
Maybe I'll make her mother watch while I kill her.

8. Wenling Zhu
Joined the clan few years before me.
Dynamic camouflage.
She was never cruel to me ... though did nothing to defend me.
I may make her death quick.

9. Kelly Lenfou
A year younger than me. Joined at the same time.
I don't know which power she manifested, but I'm sure she has one.
Former friend. Called me a monster for killing my father.
I'll show her what a 'monster' I truly am.

10. Yun Baozhai
Clan member. Around my mother's age.
She lit my shoes on fire that night.
Thank god my mother put me out.
I want to burn her.

Mei Gray [userpic]


September 9th, 2007 (04:03 pm)

current mood: productive
current song: "Fuck Me Pumps" - Amy Winehouse

It's my birthday.

Sylar was gone when I woke up. I guess he's out getting my a gift. He seemed a bit lost last night when I told him he had to get me one, but I know he'll do a good job. He knows me ... He knows what I'll like.

I get lonely when he's gone. So, I decided to go out. I picked up a little birthday cake for us to share, and I also got an old Polaroid camera at a flea market. Ten bucks. I thought it was a good deal. I haven't had a picture taken of me that wasn't a mugshot in ages. The camera has a timer, so I was playing with it.

me - polaroid 01

I'm a pretty woman, I knew that ... but I didn't know I photographed so well! I took two shots of myself. I'm keeping one here in my journal so I can look back on it later. The other I'm giving to my husband so that he can keep it in his wallet. That way he can take a bit of me with him wherever he goes. I need to get a photo of him. I bet he takes a nice picture.


I've been thinking lately.

I know he loves me. How could he not? But I sometimes wonder if he thinks I'm smart. Sometimes I won't understand something and he'll give me an odd look. I hate the idea of him not recognizing me for the genius I am. It's this fear that has kept me from revealing to him that I can't read or write English. Telling him would simplify things ... He'd be able to read the news to me and other little things, but I don't want him to laugh at me.

I hate that I care so much about his opinion. I wish I could be as apathetic to his opinion as I am to everyone else's.

Oh well. I guess that's part of being in love.

I'm going to go wait for him to get back. Tonight I'm going to tell him I'm his wife.

He'll be so excited.

Mei Gray [userpic]

my husband.

September 9th, 2007 (02:50 pm)

Isn't he absolutely wonderful? He's mine, though ... all mine.

Mei Gray [userpic]

beautiful me.

September 8th, 2007 (08:10 pm)

Mei Gray [userpic]

he doesn't know it yet.

September 8th, 2007 (02:45 pm)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: "California Dreaming" - Mamas and the Papas

I'm married.

My husband just doesn't know it yet.

He's an amazing man. He and I are the future of the human race. We're prime examples of what the species is becoming. We're the alpha male and female ... and soon they'll all bow before us. We will be their leaders.

He'll be the King .. and I'll be the Queen right at his side.

I can't wait to tell him I'm his wife! He'll be so excited. I'll be the best wife ever. He'll be so happy that I have chosen him to be my spouse. Mei Gray has such a pretty ring to it, doesn't it? It sounds like something out of a fairytale. It's surely a name suited to the future Queen of the World. Much better than Mei Whitley.

I'm so happy to have Whitley out of my name, at last.

It reminds me too much of my father.

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